Copy of Pastoral Care Team Training

Pastoral Care Training Short-Course for Friends First | taught by David Tensen

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David Tensen
David Tensen
Teacher and Coach

About the instructor

David and his wife Natalie are founders of LeaderHeart. An Australian-based international ministry dedicated to bring healing and transformation to leaders and beyond.

They are both Integrated Inner Healing Therapists and have training and qualifications is a wide range of spirit and soul healing approaches.

They bring years of experience and expertise to the field of inner healing, prayer ministry, counselling and advanced pastoral care.

ATTN Pastors, Chaplains and Christian Community Workers.

Are you looking for ways to train your care teams and grow emotionally and spiritually?

Perhaps you want to move beyond the basics that are taught (or assumed) when it comes to caring for others and self from a biblical perspective?

Drawing on years of training and ministry experience, David and Natalie Tensen walk groups and individuals through a ten module course covering many topics including trauma, empathetic listening, shame, codependency, balancing the prophetic, self-awareness and much more.

Both individuals and groups can go through the material.

There are engaging group worksheets to go through as teams gather weekly/monthly/fortnightly to learn.

The course will be complete to commence in February 2017.

Let us know if you or your church are interested. Email us at support@leaderheart.org

Course Contents

28 Videos
20 Texts

Course Curriculum

Module 1. INVEST to Release Pt2 - Group Activities
Module 2. INVEST to Release Pt2 - Group Activities
Module 3. INTERPRET to Understand Pt2 - Group Activities
Module 5. INFLUENCE to Reconcile Pt2 - Group Activities
Module 7. INCLUDE to Belong - Pt 2 Group Activity
Module 8. INCLUDE to Belong - Pt 2 Group Activity
Module 9. INSTRUCT to Mature - Pt 2 Group Activity