Introduction to Integrated Inner Healing Mentoring Course Recordings

Introduction to Integrated Inner Healing Mentoring Course Recordings

Entire 5-week course video and resource access. Recorded August 2019 | taught by David Tensen

Course description

Are you a pastor, counselor, chaplain, prayer-minister, therapist or just really interested in Inner Healing and Prayer Ministry?

Do you ever wonder what makes a good pastoral care worker, counsellor, coach, therapist or prayer minister?

Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of wonderful prayer ministry or counsel and you thought to yourself, “I think I could do that. How hard is it?

Where do I start? or Which approach is for me?”

You wish there was somewhere you could go to get the training and mentoring you need to take the next step in an area you feel called to by God.

Natalie and I heard that cry in our heart many years ago and have pursued the call of God through over 10 years of training and practice. We went through highs and lows. Through bankruptcy, major spiritual attacks, unspeakable breakthrough and have been able to bring healing to thousands of people across nations and see the world. Saying ‘yes’ to healing has meant our books, teachings, and healing soaking prayer albums have sold in the thousands and the healing testimonies we’ve received have been uncountable – .

One of the things we valued along the way were the handful of mentors and other people just like us we could bounce ideas off, to pray with, to be challenged by. For example, as I managed Elijah House Ministries Australia for 3 years we got to connect and minister alongside some very gifted and trained people… and it made all the difference.

For two years, I ran interactive 5-week long courses introducing people to several of the approaches we'd use when ministering to others. We finished running these courses in late 2019, announcing we'd not be hosting any more live classes.

Now, you can have access to the entire recorded course, without having to attend live - and besides the Q and A interaction, you can have access to all the interviews and training material.

By the end, you’ll have a greater idea of what’s involved, where to start and probably make some wonderful friends along the way.

Five Weekly Topics

  1. Motivation and Inner Healing as a lifestyle
  2. Elijah House Approach
  3. Immanuel Approach
  4. Heartsync Approach
  5. Understanding Spiritual Forces

Exclusive Video Guests include: Sandra Selmer-Kersten.  Ginger Ludlow & Denise Hughes. Michael Schaefer


  1. Every topic unit has at least two videos and some additional resources. There is a pre-recorded interview or teaching, followed by a LIVE class ZOOM recording where I unpack the unit topic and answer any questions submitted.
  2. No tests or exams.
  3. There are additional manuals, print-outs, and prayer  ministry demonstration videos

$49 US Dollars is a one time charge for 6 months access to the course and materials. This is saving of over 70% of the original price.

David Tensen
David Tensen
Teacher and Coach

David and his wife Natalie  founded LeaderHeart. An Australian-based international ministry dedicated to bring healing and transformation to leaders and beyond.

David and Natalie bring years of experience and expertise in prayer ministry, training and  counselling to all those they serve.

In December 2019 LeaderHeart was closed. David still trains, consults and teaches, Natalie provides telehealth based counselling services .

Access their websites at: and